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Reliq Mineral Spa Shampoo - Pomegranate 3.79 Litre

  • $65.99

Reliq Nanotech minerals are derived from the deposits of ancient volcanic material and form the foundation of Reliq Mineral Spa solutions. The unique minerals surround and dissolve odour-causing elements on contact while also revitalising the skin and tightening pores.

Each bottle of Reliq Mineral Spa Shampoo is packed with nutrients including Vitamin E and Pro-vitamins B5 along with Olive Oil PEG-7 for superb conditioning.  

  • Instant odour buster
  • pH Balanced 7.5 for dogs
  • Nano-enhanced minerals break though the bonds of odour molecules and dissolve them on contact
  • Pomegranate seed oil contains rich antioxidants for superb conditioning, soothing and softening
  • Hydrates the skin and coat with no oil residue, leaving the dogs coat looking, feeling, and smelling clean
  • Natural and tear free formula
  • Botanical oils and vitamins for superb conditioning
  • NO enzymes
  • NO alcohol
  • NO parabens
  • Laboratory proven relief for skin irritation
  • Better and more effective than oatmeal or enzyme-based formulations
  • Easy rinse formula washes out effortlessly

1 Gallon / 3.79 Litres

10:1 dilution rate for per-mix bottle

50:1 dilution rate for bathing system

2 squirts for each gallon if using recirculatory in mobile grooming van 

*Note, Reliq 1 Gallon pumps are additional. Please select if you would like to add a pump when adding to cart.